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Each game website offers gifts for newcomers. It is almost a mandatory measure – customers will not go to a new platform unless it offers a casino welcome bonus. What is this? Is it as beneficial as it seems? Let’s sort it out together. Read the guide and be prepared for all surprises!

What does Welcome Bonus mean?

Casino bonuses are promotions that are organized to attract customers. Gambling websites offer players money, free spins, and other rewards for making a deposit or other actions.

Players receive caches or other gifts to supplement their balance. As a rule, an online casino welcome bonus means the following:

  • It is a cash bonus, often together with free spins.
  • The amount is usually calculated using the formula 100% of the money contributed
  • It is issued for the first deposit made after registration
  • Often the reward can be activated using a promotional code

When you make a deposit, you get the cash directly into your balance. Usually, the customer has two accounts – a real one and a bonus one. For the first one, he makes a deposit himself, and for the second one, he gets cash gifts. The amount of reward depends on the conditions of the promotion.

Usually, it looks like this. A gambling brand offers a welcome bonus of 100% on the amount deposited. You deposit 10 dollars and get another 10. If you deposit 100, another 100 dollars will be added to your account.

Free spins are often added to the sum of money. Money can be used on most slots, but free spins are only allowed on specific slot machines. The names of the games are specified in the description of the promotional campaign. Free spins can be issued in portions of several pieces over several days.

Here is an example of a promo description. One of Canada’s best casinos offers 200% up to $500 plus up to 100 spins ($0.1/spin). It means that the player who makes the first deposit gets 200% up to 100 spins. For example, he invests $100 and obtains 200. However, the bonus has a limit – the casino can only charge up to $500.

In addition to the sum of money, the gambling website adds 100 free spins to various games, each of which has a rate of 0.1 dollars.

Best online casino welcome bonus includes requirements that are relatively easy to meet. The player’s task is to find promotions that can be fulfilled without much loss to the budget and with a higher chance of winning.

For example, the bonus mentioned above is valid for 21 days and must be redeemed with an x35 Vanger. In other words, the player bets on the amount of “bonus multiplied by 35”. Our bonus of 200 dollars is multiplied by 35. So you have to bet $7,000 for the wagering.

Welcome Bonuses List


All Welcome Prize Benefits

Free welcome bonus casino provides a large number of benefits. Firstly, the visitor increases the funds in his or her account and can play more. Bets can be higher, or the game session lasts longer. And both of these parameters are important because they increase the chances of getting more big winnings. That is especially true for jackpot slots.

The bonus allows you to test several gambling venues. A wager is only required if the visitor does not plan to withdraw funds. A reasonable enough strategy is this:

  • Make minimum deposits at several sites
  • Receive rewards
  • Test the comfort of gambling platforms: how games are played, whether it is easy to create a profile, how bonuses, support service, etc., work.

No matter how small the deposit is, the free welcome bonus increases it by 100, 200, or even more times. This way, the client has more money and time to try out the site. And the initial investment is so large that it does not harm the visitor’s budget at all.

Thanks to the rewards received, you can try more new games. The second option is to increase stakes in games that are already known to the experienced player. The third option is to increase the time of the game session.

Here you need to pay attention to the terms of the promotional campaign.

  • Some casinos allow you to play all the slots using bonus money.
  • Others place restrictions or give out a specific list of slot machines to play on.

In any case, the player tries out new games without spending his money.

Free spins are usually given to specific slot machines. These games can be more generous and give out more winnings. As a rule, promotional slots are bright and exciting high-quality entertainment.

Welcome Reward Types

There are three main types of welcome bonus online casino:

  • Scheme “percent on deposit” or “percent plus free spins.”
  • The fixed amount of money
  • Non-deposit bonus

The first type we described above. The second scheme means that a beginner receives a certain amount of money – 20, 30, 100 dollars to the deposit made. It works in the same way as the classic interest payment. The client transfers funds to the game account, after which they are credited with gift money. Gift money also has to be wagged back on several requirements.

The third scheme assumes that the visitor does not even need to deposit money. All that is required is registration on the platform. You can get a fixed small amount (no more than $100) or a certain number of free spins.

Some brands provide free chips or free play. Usually, such rewards are linked to table games and other entertainment. This type of bonus is suitable for visitors who prefer to play cards, roulette, and dice.

You can also highlight sticky bonuses. This reward cannot be withdrawn; it is only used for betting. When you meet the wager conditions, you can take any winnings. However, the bonus itself remains attached to your account. Non-sticky rewards can therefore be withdrawn after you have won a Vager.

Some sites allow you to receive an exceptional mobile casino welcome bonus for registration from a portable device. It does not differ from the ones highlighted above and most often offers caches and free spins.

Casino sign up bonus

Sign up bonus is most often understood as remuneration for registration. You are not obliged to deposit in this case. This bonus can be both deposit and non-deposit. A gambling brand offers an award for the registration of a profile. For a non-deposit brand, it can be this way:

  • In the form of a fixed amount of money
  • In the form of free spins

Deposit casino sign up bonus usually implies a percentage of the funds deposited: 50, 100, and more percent.

To receive this type of promo, the player must register a gambling platform account. He enters his name, phone number, or mailing address – the data required depends on the website policy. The client further confirms that he or she has reached the age of majority and has read the rules of the gambling platform. He can then activate the promotion and receive funds.

To receive the money, you need to go to the office after registration and find the bonus notification. Most gambling brands offer to activate it with a promotional code. That is a combination of several Latin letters and numbers that connects the player to the free casino sign up bonus. The promo code allows you to make a decision:

  • Activate a promo, receive additional funds, but also meet wagering requirements
  • Not to activate the promotion, not to comply with the terms and conditions, and not to receive any additional money

In this way, the customer decides for himself what is best for him.

Some European websites (e.g., Sweden) can only offer to sign up bonus online casino. Other types of incentives are prohibited by law or limited by the website policy. If a player wants to receive some more rewards, he will need to register on a different platform.

Free sign up bonus can be a significant help in testing a gambling website.

Casino first deposit bonus

This type of reward implies that the customer must deposit the starting money to receive the first deposit bonus. A gambling brand usually details what needs to be done. The first requirement is the minimum deposit amount, which is considered eligible for the promotion. For example, the customer must deposit $10, 20, 30 dollars.

Note that you need to distinguish between the minimum deposit, which is generally possible on the gambling floor. That is the minimum limit that is allowed for entertainment on the platform. A gambling brand can set two different limits – for visiting and activating the casino first deposit bonus. Read about limitations in the rules and description of the promotion.

The next thing worth looking at is the way the reward is calculated. It can be issued automatically or after a promotional code has been entered. In the first case, you immediately receive the gift money in your account. However, before you start playing, you can cancel them by pressing a button or contacting support.

In the second case, you need to enter the promotional code in the field next to the deposit amount. The code is posted on the gambling website in the promo description and specialized information aggregators. The aggregators collect all active promotions with codes, rules, and links to relevant resources.

Please also note what the maximum amount that can be given out is. For example, we can see a 500% first deposit bonus up to $500. That means that you can get a maximum of 500 units, no matter how much you deposit into your gaming account.

This type of bonus cannot usually be used in conjunction with other promotions. If an initial deposit bonus is activated, it means that the additional rewards are not valid.

Also, pay attention to the validity period of the promotion. For example, a gambling brand can set two weeks or 21, 25, and 31 days. It means that you have to win back the reward you have received according to its terms. If you do not win back your wager, the gift money will be canceled along with the winnings.

Canada second deposit bonus

Many platforms give Canada a second deposit bonus. That is an award similar to the first, and it is awarded for the second, third, and subsequent deposits. It can also be activated automatically or by a promotional code.

As a rule, this is a whole package of rewards for newcomers. The scheme is based on this principle:

  • First Deposit: 100% up to $50 + 20 FS
  • Second Deposit: 50% up to $75 + 30 FS
  • Third Deposit: 50% up to $75 + 15 FS

Gambling venues can promote such promotions in many different ways. Some name the total amount of remuneration, then specify that the amount is divided by 3-4 contributions. Others immediately write that the reward is given for the first few transfers.

As for the second deposit ca casino bonus codes, they depend on the decision of the gambling website. The gambling site can only assign 1 code to activate the first bonus, after which the subsequent stages are automatically started. There are also variants where a different combination of symbols is required for each step. In this case, there are various first and second deposit Canada casino bonus codes.

All about Cashable Welcome Bonus

Casinos strive to attract players and make them come back. That is why there are different versions of Welcome Bonus – cashable and non-cashable.

The first type of reward means that you can withdraw your money – both your bonus and the money you win – after you have met the requirements. A wager is listed in the description of the campaign, and you should always read it very carefully. These requirements are designed to keep the gambling area safe from bonus hunters and scammers.

Non-cashable or sticky cannot be taken out of the balance. The amount remains tied to the account and can be used for betting. Once the requirements have been met, you can withdraw your money and winnings. But the gift itself remains on balance.

This bonus can offer a more significant amount than the second type. It is intended solely for increasing the game’s bankroll. However, the requirements for a wager can also be relatively high. Some gambling sites take the wagering bonus into account, and some do not take it into account when making a wagering calculation.

Which one is better to choose? It depends on the conditions that accompany the promotion. If the wager is gentle, it does not matter which type of reward to choose. That’s why it’s crucial always to read the rules and policies of the playground.

How to Find Suitable Welcome Rewards

It is not so hard to find the best welcome bonus credit card in Canada. Before choosing a promotion, pay attention to a few key parameters. Remember that a generous offer does not always mean good.

First, think about the size of your deposit. What is the best way to make it? Familiarise yourself with the requirements of the promotional offer:

  • Learn the minimum limit that activates the bonus – it is written directly
  • Calculate the maximum limit of funds that it makes sense to deposit. Here you should be guided by the description of the “up to $XX” campaign.

Depending on this amount, determine which deposit you can afford. We recommend that you make minimum contributions at several sites so that you can then choose the best one.

Secondly, pay attention to whether the casino has a license and what reputation it has. There is no point in choosing a bonus if you know that the platform is not going to pay out winnings. The most reliable licenses are from the Malta, UK, and Gibraltar gambling commissions. Read reviews and reviews on information websites.

Also, make sure:

  • That you will find a good selection of games at the casino
  • What is supported by your language
  • Payment methods are convenient and work quickly
  • The platform works well on computers and mobile devices

If all these criteria are met, you can safely activate the first deposit bonus. You have a high chance of winning.

Thirdly, read the wager requirements, particularly carefully. Under these conditions, they are prescribed:

  • The period for which the bonus must be played back
  • The number of bets that must be placed for the funds to be withdrawn successfully at a later date
  • Certain games and slots on which it is allowed to spend the money or free spins received

If the conditions are too unrealistic, do not accept this reward. There are gambling platforms that do not make demands, but there are very few.

Try to find casinos that are offered by the x20-x25 wager. There are also very few requirements, but these requirements make it easier to win back the bonus. Most often, casinos offer an x30-35, which is also acceptable. Do not use rewards that have an x45-50 wager written on them. It is too big a value!

For example, you contribute 100 dollars:

  1. Wager x20 means that you have to place bets of 100×20 = 2000 dollars. Then you can withdraw the money you have won.
  2. Wager x30 means $3000, respectively. You can still hope to get this amount out of the winnings on slots.
  3. x50 – 5000 dollars! As you can see, this is an unrealistic requirement.

How to get Welcome Reward

The conditions on how to get the best casino welcome bonus may vary slightly. But on the whole, they are quite similar.

Deposit bonus Non-deposit bonus

1.You create a new account at a gambling site 1. You create a new account at a gambling site
2.Deposit if an award is given for money transfer 2. Do not deposit if an award is given for registration
3.Together with the deposit, enter the promotional code if the reward is activated by it. 3. In your cabinet, open the “Bonuses” tab and connect to the promotion. Enter your promo code if an award is activated by it.
4.In your cabinet, open the “Bonuses” tab, and connect to the campaign.

These are the main points of the process, how to get a welcome reward. There may be slightly different moments on different platforms. For example, Swedish, German, and Finnish casinos increasingly do not require registration. How, then, does a player receive an award?

The fact is that customers in these countries enter with the help of Trustly or BankID. These are payment instruments with an electronic bank ID. Thus, the system determines who has visited the casino by the entered ID. Therefore, the player can enter the deposit, promotional code, and start using this reward. Suppose the customer does not want to use the bonus. In that case, he can press the button and exit the promotion before transferring the money.

Terms and conditions

Read the terms and conditions carefully before taking part in the promotion. Some casinos layout the general rules and bonuses separately. Some sites unite them. In any case, you should familiarise yourself with all the available documents.

An acceptable bonus policy starts with a detailed description of the reward: what parts it consists of, what it offers to the client, and what reward scheme.

It then determines who can activate the promotion. It must be a player who has reached the age of 18. It contains a description of who cannot receive bonuses – residents of certain territories, e.g., Sweden, Canada, Ukraine, USA, etc.

It is also clearly defined:

  • Maximum bets during the active bonus (e.g., $5 per spin)
  • Possibility (or the bank) to withdraw funds during the wagering period
  • Wager size and wagering period
  • Free spin wagers
  • The validity period of bonus funds and free spins

This policy also specifies the percentage weighting. Slots, for example, usually contribute 100% to the wagering. Table games, video poker, jackpot, live contribute 0-10% depending on the gambling platform solution.

Each gambling platform has a list of slot machines contributing less than 100% in the wagering of the welcome bonus. Take a look at this list so that you don’t get into any unnecessary trouble.


Thus, the welcome bonus is a campaign designed for newcomers who have registered for the first time on the gambling platform. In the course of this promotion, they receive caches, free spins, and sometimes other awards. A bonus is given for registering or making a first deposit.

Thanks to the funds and free spins they receive, players increase their bankroll. They can make larger bets or play longer or try more new slots.

The main types of rewards of this kind:

  • Deposit – issued for depositing funds
  • Non-deposit – for registration on the site
  • Sticky or non-cashable, which is attached to the account and is not withdrawn
  • Non-sticky or cashable – bonus with the ability to withdraw funds

Awards may be given for only 1 deposit or two or three first deposits. Then pay attention to the issuing scheme and wagering conditions. How much do you get at each stage of this bonus? What conditions do you have to meet to receive the next award?

To choose a suitable bonus, pay attention to its policy:

  • Are the terms and conditions of the wager challenging to meet?
  • What are the minimum and maximum limits?
  • What is the time limit for wagering?
  • A list of games in which bonus money is allowed to be spent.

Getting this bonus is easy – sign up for the platform, make a deposit, and you’re done! The money is yours! But always read the bonus policy carefully. All casinos layout official rules so that everyone can read them. These documents specify all the details related to the gambling platform and bonuses.


Do I need a welcome bonus?

You will need a welcome bonus if you want to increase your funds at the start. If the requirements seem impossible to meet, do not use this bonus. It is up to you to decide whether you need the gift money or not. The casino only offers an opportunity.

Should I be a casino member to get a welcome reward?

Yes, you should register on the platform (or pass using BankID). You create a profile and then receive a message when you receive a promotion. You can accept it or not. But the main thing is that you are already a casino member.

Otherwise, the gambling website will not reward you. This reward is only for those who register for the first time and are on the list of participants.

Can I transfer my bonus to a friend?

No, you cannot transfer your online casino welcome bonus to a friend or relative. An award is given to one account, and you must be the owner of that account. You own one account, and you transfer funds from your cards and wallets to it. You cannot use anyone else’s funds. And you cannot share the bonus with another account either.

What if I deposit from a mobile device?

If you deposit a mobile device, nothing will change. Some sites offer special rewards for mobile transactions, but there are few of these. After all, mobile payments are becoming more and more common. Gambling websites are fully adapted to mobile devices. Consequently, there is no need to encourage such user behavior specifically. Consumers decide for themselves what is convenient for them.

Why should I get a welcome gift?

The Welcome bonus online casino will give you more money. It means you can play longer at your favorite machines or place higher bets to win bigger prizes. Or you can try more new slots in the section with just released releases. Either way, the bonus brings its benefits. The main thing is to familiarise yourself with its policies.

Do welcome rewards have an expiration period?

Yes, any bonus has an expiration period. Welcome rewards are no exception. Usually, beginners’ awards are valid for about a month. During this time, you must be able to win back what you have received. Pay attention to the expiry period of Frispinas – often, they are only active for a couple of days, a week at the most. All this is explained in detail in the bonus policy.

Why does a welcome bonus differ from a deposit bonus?

The deposit bonus can be issued for any contribution. Regardless of whether you are a new customer or a regular customer, you can receive an award for your deposited funds. Usually, this type of reward is called a deposit bonus. And only newcomers who have just registered on the platform will receive a welcome bonus.

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