Wizard of Oz

Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz game’s RTP value reaches 95.99%. The slot comes with amazing features, symbols, bonuses, and free spins for its players. There are more exciting features about this slot; take your time to go through this review carefully!
  • Various bonus features
  • Unique theme
  • High RTP
  • Outdated graphics

Review of the Biggest Winnings, Bonus Features, and Real Money Game of Wizard of Oz Slots

In relation to the movie, the Wizard of Oz slot has many big winnings, fascinating bonus sessions, free spins, free credits, and free plays you don’t want to miss.
The Wizard of Oz slot game originated from the Wizard of Oz movie created in 1939. The game was then brought from online to live by WMS in 2011.
Compared to other games produced by the WMS, the graphics and sounds of this Wizard of Oz game aren’t good enough, yet it offers quality and attractive features that keep you playing over and over again.
The Wizard of Oz slot machine has five reels and 30 pay lines featuring all the symbols and characters in the movie it was coined out from.
Besides, this slot game offers multiplier options and bonus rounds for winning. Little wonder, the Wizard of Oz RTP is 95.99%. An indeed, very competitive value.

How to Play Wizard of Oz Slot for Real Money?

The thing with playing slots for real money is that the higher the symbols, the higher your chances of winning.
With this slot, you stand a better chance of cashing out real big because it has a wide range of symbols.
To make real money from the game, you have to look beyond the fascinating characters in the movie and fully understand the most valuable symbols.
Some of them are:

  • The Wizard of Oz logo can earn you 1000 coins for 5
  • The leading cast Dorothy that can earn you 750 coins for 5
  • The combination of Tin man, Scarecrow, and lion symbols which are a little below 500 coins for 5

With these in mind, you already know which symbols to look out for a while playing. Meanwhile, you should also know that the maximum Jackpot and the payout amount is $50000.
As a player, before you go heads in the game, you must determine how many pay lines you want to activate during the game. Another important decision is the amount of money you’re willing to stake.
With the total number of pay lines in the Wizard of Oz slot machine to be 30, there are between 0.001 to 5.0 bets to be played.
The maximum bet, however, is 150.00. The maximum Jackpot is 50000, equivalent to 10000 coins. If you want to make a significant win, we would advise you to go for a higher bet.
Having known all this, what are you still waiting for? Elegantly take a walk down the yellow brick road and give yourself a full shot. Who knows, today might be your lucky day!

Wizard of Oz Symbols and Combinations

The symbols in the Wizard of Oz slot game are coined from the features in the movie. There are quite a number of them, ranging from the emblem of the features, the free spins, the expanding wilds, and several others. In this section, we would be shedding more light on these symbols and their combinations.

  • Hot Air Balloon, House, and Tornado: These 3 combinations would earn you 5 credits for 3 symbols, 20 for 4, and 100 for 5.
  • Ruby Slippers, Wicked Witch, and Cat: Earn yourself 10 credits for 3 symbols, 25 for 4, and 150 for 5 with these combinations
  • Lion, Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Dorothy: With these, win 25 credits for 3, 100 for 4, and 500 for 5.
  • Dorothy feature gives you 50 credits for 3, 150 for 4, and 750 for 5.
  • The Wizard of Oz Icon earns you 75 credits for 4, 250 for 4, and 1000 for 5
  • The big Jackpot earns you 100 credits for 3, 1000 for 4, and 10000 for 5.
  • The Wild symbol (game logo) cannot yield payouts on its own. Instead, it forms winnings in combination with every other symbol except the jackpot and feature symbols.
  • Another important symbol is the Scattered symbol.
  • The Oz Pick can be found on reels 1, 3, and 5. This feature gives you a ticket to 1 of either monetary price, the Road to Emerald City, or The Winged Monkey Feature.
  • Through the Road to Emerald City Feature, you can access the bonus round of the Wizard of Oz.
  • The Winged Monkey feature gives you access to free spins.
  • Glenda the Good Witch feature, however, is capable of expanding wilds. She can appear on the reels and change between 1 and 5 to expanding reels and replace all the preexisting symbols as long as they aren’t the jackpot or feature symbols.

Wizard of Oz Control Panel

The Wizard of Oz game provider gives room for personal modifications depending on the user.
You can choose to modify your pay lines from 1-30 and coin denominations from $0.01 to $5.00. The coins’ size can only increase by $0.01, and you have to make use of the plus and minus arrows.
To switch the betting views, you can click on the QuickBet QB Panel in the lower-left corner.
Though with the QB Panel, you have less control over particular bets, it offers you a sliding bar to accentuate the betting process’s speed. It also provides a preset total wager.

Wizard of Oz Bonus Features

The Wizard of Oz game has some fascinating bonuses asides from the big Jackpot win.
Sometimes, you may be lucky to have Glenda the Good Witch your way. She freezes 3 reels and helps you earn some cool credits.
Another bonus is the Symbol of Emerald City. Getting 3 of these symbols earns you the liberty to use one of them to win prizes.

Free Spins

This is one of the most tempting bonuses with the Wizard of Oz game. It keeps you playing with the hope of earning a free spin.

Instant Bonus

As you play, features like the Emerald City allows you to unlock instant bonuses on the go!

Bonus Game

An amazing feature of the Wizard of Oz game is that you could try your luck with the mini-games that appear on the screen and increase your winnings while playing the game. Isn’t that adorable?

Game of Chance

The Wizard of Oz slot game is a game of chance because winning it depends on the random number generator. In other words, it is the results of the spin that determines win or not.

Tips for Players

  • If you are playing this game online or live for money, below are some tips to guide you.
  • Look out for the Jackpot feature. It’ll earn you more money!
  • Should you lose, do not give up. Instead, raise your stakes because when you eventually do win, you would make up for the losses.
  • Do not bet beyond what you can afford.

Wizard of Oz Mobile Version – Game for Android, iOS, and Windows.

The Wizard of Oz game was undoubtedly designed for all users irrespective of your Operating System (OS). You can enjoy an interesting game mode on your mobile iPhones, Androids, or Windows. You can also play the Wizard of Oz online or offline.
To blow your mind, the WMS designed it in such a way that you can synchronize your process on other devices. So, the game goes everywhere with you!


Having discussed in-depth the Wizard of Oz slot game starting from its origin, features, method of playing, bonuses, pros and cons, we strongly consider it one of the best slot games.
To be sure of which casino can be played with real money, you have to be sure that it is licensed under the law and can guarantee your payouts.
There is really no trick to winning this game, and if there were, there would be no fun in it. The fun comes from the uncertainty but the hope of winning.


Where do I Play Wizard of Oz for free?

Go no further! Right here on our website, there is a free version for you. The Wizard of Oz demo version is also available for free in several online casinos.

How to Win the Wizard of Oz Slot?

To quickly cash out, you should look out for Jackpot, the Wizard of Oz logo, Dorothy and the Wild features. However, you should know that the outcome of the game depends basically on the random number generator.

Are there any Slots with the same Mechanics?

Yes! There are several of them—for example, Lord of the Rings, the beauty of Old Times, amongst others.

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